Style Savvy was created after a friend asked me to help put together her own style.

At the time, we were both busy lawyers, and she was a single mom.  I decided to go ahead and put together a "look book" for her with pictures and alternatives for different outfits based upon her lifestyle and what I knew about her personality.  

She fell in love with her "look book" and the ease at which she could get out the door in something other than yoga pants.  She was relentless in her encouragement of starting a business.  After gaining the support of my family and other friends I made the decision to leave my law career behind and founded Style Savvy.  

​My philosophy is based upon the principals I learned from my own mother.  I recall her seamlessly blending the trends of the late 1970's with traditional pieces.  In fact, her burgundy knee high boots from that era are one of my cherished treasures.   

Over the past three years, there has been the invention of the wardrobe capsule, mass marketed style apps, and a whole movement of Pinterest worthy OOTD's.   While all of these tools can assist in creating a style, the personal feedback and dedication of one on one coaching should not be undervalued.  

If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone looking to revamp, discover, or change their style game it is this; fashion should flatter and complement who you are, do not incorporate pieces that are trendy for the sake of being fashionable.  Be selective in the trends you try, never try a trend that doesn't enhance your best self.​

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